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5 Ways to Fix Bluetooth not working in Windows 10


1. Clean up your PC

 In today’s world, with so much to do, so much to search, thousands of users visit thousands of websites daily. This keeps on increasing the risk of getting attacked by the viruses or malwares  hidden in the backend industry. Millions of processes run in background that we do not know or we are not worried about. In these millions of processes, finding a bug will not be a difficult task. There may be some bugs that will cause the Windows 10 Bluetooth malfunction and will try to cease its working. What can we do to rectify this problem? I mean we can’t go and look for these million processes. What we can do is to have anti malware utility which will do the work for us. Just clean up everything and eliminate unused or unwanted application and restart everything from ground zero and you are good to go.


2. Bluetooth Support Service

The Bluetooth service supports discovery and association of remote Bluetooth devices. In order to access the Bluetooth facility one should have Bluetooth support service enabled. Following steps will guide you through the process:

Step 1 – Open the Run command (press Windows button + R)

Step 2 – Type into services.msc

Step 3 – Click on Bluetooth support service and then click on general tab

Step 4 – Click the Start button

Step 5 – From start-up type drop-down list, select Automatic.

Please ensure that the start-up type is Automatic.


3. Troubleshoot Bluetooth problem

Select the Start button – Select settings – Select Update & Security – Go to Troubleshoot settings.

Below find and fix problems, select Bluetooth and run the trouble-shooter.

After all, restart your PC and give it a shot again.


4. Device manager

Sometimes it is the case that the Bluetooth Manager will not show up in Device Manager Section. Many users have reported this issue in windows 10. You can try the following steps to get back to the routine.

-> Update the Bluetooth drivers.

a) Select the start button, type device manager.

b) Expand Bluetooth and locate your device.

c) Right click on device and select Update driver software.

d) Select Search automatically for updated driver software.

You Might Be Getting  nvlddmkm.sys failed in Windows 10 during this time It would be highly recommended to  fix nvlddmkm.sys failed error in Windows 10.

Follow more simple steps and bang on!

5. Restoring system

Sometimes, smallest of things can do wonders.

Step 1: Press Windows Key + R and type « sysdm.cpl ».

Step 2: Select system protection and restore system.

Step 3: Click next and thing desired restore point.

Step 5: Follow further simple steps and that is it.


6. Manage Bluetooth Devices

If the Bluetooth devices are not detected by the Bluetooth on your computer, try to remove it and then add it again.

For doing so, follow these steps: -

Step 1: Open Control panel and then open « Hardware and Sound » and « Bluetooth Devices ».

Step 2: Select the device that is not working and remove it.

Step 3: Press « Add » button and then press the reset button on device.

Step 4: Select « My device is set up and ready to be found » and the press « Next ».

Step 5: Just follow your device and click on « Next » and follow the rest of the simple procedure.


7. Check if your PC is Bluetooth enabled devices to connect to you

Go to Control Panel and there go to Hardware and Sound and see for Bluetooth Devices, click the Options Tab and check the « Allow Bluetooth Devices to Connect to this Computer » box is checked or not. Make sure it is always checked.



Having a party at your place but speakers are not connecting, we need to get your back. You can start enjoying again.

Press windows button + X key and then select Control Panel and then select Device and Printers.

In Devices and Printers, search for Bluetooth speaker device and right click on the device. Check Properties and find Service Tab.

Make sure you have checked the Hands-free Telephony, Audio sink and Remote Control and then click on apply.


9. Send or Receive File over Bluetooth

If you are having problems sharing files using Bluetooth, have a look at the problem.

Make sure your PC is paired with other device. Go to settings and then to Bluetooth and other devices and check if devices are shown in the list.

If you are facing problems while receiving a file:

Make sure you are waiting for Bluetooth file transfer. For this, go to Bluetooth & other devices in Settings. Click on send or receive files via Bluetooth, in Bluetooth file transfer, Receive Receive files.

  • Make sure the devices, sender and receiver stay on the platform.
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